There are lots of reasons to travel for pleasure. In many cases, most of the memorable vacations that you’ve gone on are probably to places other than in your hometown. But when it comes to business, there are lots of benefits to traveling as well when you think about it. If you are traveling specifically for professional reasons, you are expanding your network, experiencing other business cultures, padding your business resume, and showcasing your professional flexibility. Whether your trips are short or long, the more you choose to embrace the idea of business travel, the sooner you’ll get ahead in many different aspects of your professional career.

The benefits of business travels are:

Meet new people

This one seems obvious, right? Relationships are absolutely essential to the human experience. It can be pretty tough to nurture new ones when you’re around the exact same people every day, not all of whom you might enjoy the presence of completely. While traveling, you might meet a love interest, new close friend or future employer.

New opportunities for recreation

Have you always wanted to try stand up paddle boarding but don’t live in a region that’s good for it? Look into what your new temporary home away from home has to offer in terms of recreation and make the most of it.

Showcasing Your Flexibility

When it comes down to it, if you choose to opt for business travel, it showcases your flexibility to your employer and your clients. The fact that you aren’t nailed down to a specific geographical area means that you have a lot more openness to different business experiences and opportunities. If you consistently turned down chances to go and meet new people and do new things, then your ability to expand upwardly into your industry will be significantly diminished over time.